Séa.nce - A Networked Glossalalia

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éa.nce on the ISEA2004 Ferry:: 15 August :: docked at Marienham, Sweden, on the Baltic Sea

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Participants are invited to bring their pent up ListAngst, SpamRage, EmailObsessiveness or any other
networked emotions that they might be experiencing. During the performance participants in the experiment
are networked through the virtual Ouija Board with other participants in remote locations. Players log-on and
are given an avatar. They can ask questions of the Board.

Through a system which relays the collective motion of the avatars, the planchette is moved around the
board from letter to letter. When the planchette lands on a letter it responds with the sounds of the spoken alphabets randomly chosen from many languages. At the same time players type their comments, feelings, thoughts and ideas into the Message Box creating a corresponding textual cacophony.

The result is a sort of networked glossalalia -- an audiolisation of the perpetual e.motion in the network.

Making Seance

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