Séa.nce - A Networked Glossalalia

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Cookies are provided by Dr Rumor to assist participants
in deciphering the Board's response.
Only one cookie is provided per person during the seance.
Online participants can enable automatic cookie at any time.


Your future holds querty sadness followed by waves of joy.

Many ears hear the same sound differently.

The lower the resolution the higher the joyous vibrations.

Let the current take you where it will.

Too many cliks spoil the link.

Let sleeping avatars lie.

She who swims with web’d feet can travel a thousand leagues.

She who moves the mouse with a light touch connects to the deepest e.motions.

The key to joy lies at the finger tips of he who taps lightly.

The connections that you seek are a clik away.

He who seeks to connect must plumb the depths of e.motions.

She who seeks to coexist with her avatar must follow the straight and arrow.

To find love on the internet you must vibrate frequently.