J.I. Case Plow Works Building (1913), 814 Jackson Street
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Omaha architect George Prinz designed this three-story brick warehouse for the J. I. Case Plow Works Company in 1913. Constructed of brick bearing walls and a heavy timber frame, the 66 x 132-foot building exhibits segmentally arched windows and stone trim. Although the structure has been substantially altered (through the addition of a large metal-enclosed tower on the facade and the replacement or bricking-in of windows), it retains sufficient character to be classified as a contributing property in the district.

The Racine, Wisconsin based J. I. Case Company, a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural implements, utilized this structure from the time of its construction in the 1920's. Following that time, various businesses, including several wholesale grocery firms, located there. The structure's present owner and occupant, D. H. Foods, acquired the building in the mid-1950's.