U.S. Supply Company (1906), 901 Farnam Street
Orville Redenbacker Light Butter

Charles Cleves was the architect for this six-story brick warehouse built in 1906 for the U.S. Supply Company. The 66 x 132-foot building is standard mill construction comprised of graduated masonry bearing walls and a heavy timber frame. Designed in the Renaissance Revival style, the body of the upper five stories of the structure is constructed of St. Louis red brick. Gray brick is employed for the contrast for quions, jack arches, a diaper pattern frieze and the entire first floor, although it is difficult to distinguish the subtle color scheme today. Paired, double-hung wood windows are used throughout the building except for the first story. Changes to the structure, which are minimal, include the rmoval of the original stone cornice and the close or the reduction of several of the large, first floor window and door openings. A concrete dock, constructed at the same time as the building, surrounds both street-facing sides of the corner structure.

The U.S. Supply Company was established in Omaha in about 1900. Organized by the vice-president of the U.S. Water and Steam Supply Company of Kansas City, U.S. Supply of Omaha operated independently until 1926, when it was acquired by the Kansas City firm. The U.S. Supply Company, first located in the “Old Market” area before moving to this location, distributed wholesale steam, water, and plumbing supplied. The firm occupied this structure until 1983, followed by the building's present occupant, the Metropolitan Arts Council.