No Matter is an installation of imaginary objects made both in Second Life and in physical space. 

No Matter reflects the tension between the SL virtual economy and real economics by:
(1) commissioning 25 builders and artists to produce 40 imaginary objects in Second Life space;
paying them in Linden dollars at an equivalent scale of $1.50 to $12.00 per object;
(3) extracting the objects from Second Life — a closed system where 3D models cannot be exported;
(4) reconstructing these objects as 3D paper replicas in physical space.


40 Imaginary Objects were built in Second Life

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No Matter
Rebuilt as 3D paper objects
Re-designed as 2D paper models
Extracted as 3D objects
Both the physical and simulated installations of No Matter premièred simultaniously on February 7th, 2008 at both Ars Virtua Gallery (in Second Life) and at Huret & Spector Gallery (Emerson College, Boston) in the Turbulence.org sponsored exhibition Mixed Realities.
A project by Scott Kildall & Victoria Scott
Big Dumb Object
Book of Love
Brain in a Vat
Can of Worms
Cone of Obliscence
Dilithium Crystal
Flying Carpet
Flying Saucer
Holy Grail
Icarus's Wings
Infinite Improbability Drive
Magic Potion
Maltese Falcon
Missing Link
Pandora's Jar/Box
Paper Tiger
Perpetual Motion Machine
Philosopher's Stone
Portable Hole
Picture of Dorian Gray
Pot of Gold
Red Herring
Schrödinger's Cat
Seven-League Boots
Tell-Tale Heart
Ten Commandments
Time Machine
Tree that Fell in the Forest
Trojan Horse
Turing Machine
Wheel of Fate
Yellow Submarine
Commissioned by Turbulence.org for the exhibition Mixed Realities