The term "participation" provides a point-of-reference for experimental software art by Barbara Lattanzi. Such projects as Lattanzi's net-based "CSPAN Karaoke" emphasize the improvisational and cooperative dimension of Participation as critical (or ironic) re-figuring of the human-computer interface. Software such as "The Interrupting Annotator" derive partly from late-1980s/early-1990s models of media activism, public access tv, and other versions of community communications. Some of Lattanzi's projects, such as "EG Serene", involve small-scale, cine-software applications for video improvisation, that "open source" key works from the 1970s era of structuralist, experimental filmmaking.

In 2005, "C-SPAN Karaoke", received an "Honorable Mention" at Transmediale, the Berlin-based international media art festival. The Artport website of the Whitney Museum of American Art featured, during January, her gatepage, "C-SPAN x 4". The gallery version of "HF Critical Mass Applied to Cinematography by NASA" was included in the 2005 exhibition "Reverse Engineers". The production of Lattanzi's multimedia applets and software has been stimulated in part by the open structures of net-based cooperative venues such as the on-line archive of software art, "" and Rhizome "Artbase", where her work is included. She currently teaches at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.