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Artist Statement

Who are we?

We have been working together for over 15 years, beginning in radio and then from the early ‘90s making work with CD-Roms, installations, websites and net art installations.

We see artwork and artmaking as a way to engage with complex ideas, media onslaughts, as well as plain everyday life. For us it is an enquiry into the everyday of 21st century post-everything.

In this endeavour we have used lots of different approaches. It all depends. Everday 'stuff' is very complicated and constantly changing. Sometimes we work from or with a text. Recently we have been
interested in working with the fictive possibilities of the net -- playing on the borderland between fiction and reality, and one of the texts that is an ongoing inspiration is the Collected Works of Alfred Jarry - especially his 'pataphysics.

The actual process of our collaboration is a major part of our work. It's an ongoing dialogue, sometimes growing into a wider conversation. We consider the process of collaboration to be an artwork in itself.

One of our favourite and most important forms of artmaking is walking and talking...

"Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff" - Harvey Pekar


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Norie Neumark still listens to the radio. She has made many radiophonic works and hopes one day to have the time to make a (very noisy) radio play for the net.

Maria Miranda - currently I'm a PhD candidate at Macquarie University, Sydney. My research topic is 'collaborating in new media'.


Museum of Rumour - This project was made at Sydney College of the Arts.

Perpetual Emotion Project -

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government
through the Australia Council,
its arts funding and advisory body.

The following assitance is also gratefully acknowledged:

The University of Technology, Sydney
Acoustic Art Unit, ABC Radio

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