a biography


I would prefer to be anonymous, to be less auteur and more medium. However the world we live in, including the art and intellectual realms - demands certain compromises to idealism, so below is some information about my current projects. You can get more information at my personal site


pages of madness will be

· presented at Rampton High Security Hospital in the U.K. to staff and inmates, November 2004
· shown at the London Disability Arts Film Festival, at the National Film Theatre London, December 2004.
· exhibited at the Generative Arts Festival in Milan, December 2004

Given the random generation of photographic images in relation to text it would one hundred million years to view every permutation. You can also see the whole thing in snapshot in less than fifteen seconds.


garden- a zen garden without the ‘zen’

I am developing gardens with materials that are often ready-mades to create spaces of pleasure, and instigate particular relationships that exist between art, architecture, landscape, human bodies, ontology, and technology.



I am collaborating with architects and furniture designers to create pieces of furniture and that come into being through play by those who buy them: shaping them to their mood and taste, in relation to their spaces, engendering a ’scenography of the home’.



asylum is a multi-media essay for web and gallery - contemplating life on margins and the sanctuaries that people find. The work comprises three image tracks and one sound track. For gallery presentation, the image tracks will be projected simultaneously, side by side, on to large screens comprising aquarium with water, tropical fish, rocks, vegetation, while the sound track accompanies them through the P.A.

Each image track centres on a fantasised life of a 'model' decoded through the filter
of the emotive and personal life of the film-maker, ajaykumar. A single sound track
- emotive, disturbing, fragmentary, elliptical. Although highly personal, the narrative will, like the ecriture of Barthes’ autobiography, defy precise readership.


an art of talking

This is a project that through talking and engaging with people on a housing estate in London, a proposal for an art work is emerging in a garden on the estate. From my inter-action with local residents ideas are merging which will result in an exhibition at the Royal College of Art in London in February 2005.