Guest Curated Exhibition

Why rock?

June 2005

Why rock? Curated by Annie Abrahams and Clément Charmet with texts by Alan Sondheim and Frédéric Madre. Why rock? presents sound works by net artists with real or supposed rock affinities. Why rock? Is it a need to make an adolescent dream come true or an urge to become more pop(ular)? Is it about making the body present on the screen or taking control of the power of the word? Is it an escape from net art production patterns or because we believe 21st century rock stars will emerge from the net?

by Abrahams & Charmet

At the request of Annie Abrahams, the ELL would like to note that while Abrahams’ sole name appears on the splash image for this work, it should also include co-creator Clément Charmet.


Sound on. Since the whole show consisted of hyperlinks instead of embedded audio files, it’s likely many of the links are dead.