This and that thought.

February 2011

Supported by Jerome Foundation

This and that thought. takes the form of a narrative. Visually, the project consists of the hex codes of the 216 web safe colors and a colorless box next to each, arranged in a grid. The arrangement is based on the van der Corput sequence which orders the colors from black to white through an unintuitive trajectory. The user is invited to click on any hex code which triggers an aural narration based on a fictional narrative of an episodic nature, jumping from subject to subject through connections sometimes obvious, sometimes oblique.

Each segment of the narrative is visually associated to one of the colors by a reveal in sync with the narration. Furthermore, attached to each segment is its own unique introduction to the story. Depending on what color is activated, the user experiences a variable story in so far as the introduction and length of the narrative will change. If the user happens to click on black, then the narrative will be “whole” in the sense that the story will utilize all the segments created for the project, whereas any other color incorporates only every color between itself until the end color; white. All other elements remain the same, including the order of the colors and their associated phrase within the narrative.


Sound On.


“One of their really striking pieces is This and that thought, a minimalist, interactive website which employs the soft-spoken speech recognition cyborg lady from the good old days of floppy discs and beige-toned bubble monitors. Her familiar voice speaks in a paradoxically stress-inducing monotone and rambles on about TV, office parties, and even her internal agony about picking out a color for her new car. “The new iPods are out of stock,” she laments, “I want to kill myself .The piece as a whole is a clever comment on digital-age induced alienation, but one that goes beyond the typical rhetoric. Shallowness and banality are unfortunately inherent in the human experience. Yet underneath the monotonous diary-like ruminations of this bore-of-a-cyborg, there are flashes of “true” emotion. Loneliness reigns even for this normy as she cooes, “this is the best part of my day because I know I won’t be bothered.” – The Creator’s Project

BFFA3AE – 3 BFFs Are Making Some Rly Rad Meta Net Art | The Creators Project

Rhizome | This and that thought. (2011) – BFFA3AE (Daniel Chew, Micaela Durand, Maximiliano Ferro, Matthew Gaffney)