Spectral Quartet

April 2011

Supported by New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Spectral Quartet is a web adaptation of the project Whispering Spectres (which was shown in the exhibition Turbulence@Pace Digital Gallery 2, April 5-29, 2011).

The audio content consists of filtered radio signals, culled from various web streams from the Internet. These signals are being passed through many “band pass filters”, a type of equalizer that allows a small range of frequencies through while attenuating frequencies outside of this range. In effect, most of the audio signal is “erased” except for a narrow stratum of frequency material. This work highlights small, hidden musical moments that are occurring on radio, but are usually rendered inaudible by other elements in the sound.

Although the Internet can bridge disparate communities, our experience on the web is of a customized landscape, with content tailored to our ideological views, our shopping behaviors, our socio-economic demographics, etc. Spectral Quartet literally re-unites these voices into a singularized, aestheticized, quiet moment.

This Flash work has been emulated with Conifer by the Electronic Literature Lab in July 2021. To view this emulation
click here.



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