Guest Curated Exhibition

Pop Up

Curated by Abe Linkoln

January 2005

The Pop Up Manifesto:

1. First click, best click.

2. Pop up windows are Freudian slips from the web’s subconscious.

3. Pop up windows are the vitreous floaters of our computer screens.

4. Pop up windows neither pop, nor up.

5. Reflex. Reflex. Reflex.

6. The mouse connects to the keyboard, which connects to the computer, which connects to the wall, which then somehow connects to the internet.

7. Like a ballet mecanique digitales, a pop up window’s location and timing is never random, rather, each move has been carefully scripted. Any appearance of chaos, is just that, an appearance. It is crucial that we stay calm when confronted by multiple pop up windows, do not scare them away, like elephants, they sense fear and can react either by running away or by stomping you to death.

8. We have agreed on the following codewords for “stop”: alt+shift+f4, ctrl+alt+delete, and apple+q.

9. The gauntlet is hereby thrown down.

10. We hold these truths to be self evident: Top, left, width, height, focus, and close.

11. (This should be a tag, with this < then this / then spliff, then this >)

12. Loop but don’t touch.

Abe Linkoln, January 31, 2005


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Allow Pop Ups in your browser. Six of the eight works are still available online.