[ openspace ] wilderness

March 2014

Supported by National Endowment for the Arts

[ openspace ] wilderness is a virtual nature preserve for a deserted section of internet. It is inhabited by more than 6,000 blogs that have been silent for 6 or more years. Whereas abandoned neighborhoods of cities – like Detroit – are undergoing rewilding (to restore and protect natural processes), what manner of new life is possible for vacated internet spaces? Visitors to [ openspace ] wilderness are invited to tag and explore its contents, and engage with the park’s active population of predators and foragers. [ openspace ] wilderness is a finite and consumable space: it may be mapped and preserved, or overrun and overgrazed depending on the actions of its visitors.


This piece is no longer available. Being a blog that was fed by thousands of abandoned blogs, the site was hacked (destroyed) several times, so the artist had to take it down.