One Text, Many Stories

December 2009

One Text, Many Stories is an exploration of reading, and of how the visual context and process of reading influences interpretation. An original text composed of nine short passages describes an urban space reconstituted in memory, and is interspersed with short extracts from Michael de Certeau’s The Practice of Everyday Life and The Production of Space by Henri Lefebre. Taken together, the passages are a construction of ‘the city’ as a fluid mental map of elements that are shuffled and rearranged. Inspired by the css Zen Garden use of CSS to separate structure and appearance, each page redisplays and reconfigures the primary text. Through this alteration, the text undergoes shifts in meaning and narrative arc.


Memory | Space | Urban | Web Art


Reset the zoom on your browser to 100% and turn off text zoom. Optimum browsers for this project are Firefox 3.xx, Safari 4, Google Chrome 3 and Internet Explorer 8.