My Space Sound

May 2008

Supported by New York State Music Fund

My Space Sound is an audio popup book about the village called MySpace. The story starts like this: “Once upon a time … there was a village called MySpace. It is the era when so-called ‘Web 2.0’ is still a novelty…” Users can participate in the story by entering their MySpace URL, as well as by just browsing the story. In a world composed of both facts and fictions extracted from the database, the audience gets a chance to rethink the chaotic social network space. This is just my story, and I am curious to know your story. My Space Sound is the artistic observations and everyday sketches of the imperfect processor named sawako about the state of networks and individuals.


“Some parts of the project don’t work well because MySpace has changed its code structure. But, since the top page and the concept page are alive, I think audiences can get grasp what it is. Also the current situation can be interpreted as the historic ruin of MySpace after SoundCloud’s birth.” – Sawako