Artist Studio

Luziano Testi Paul

May 2005

Luziano Testi Paul’s┬álatest works explore the possibilities, myths and realities that float around in a global culture obsessed with communication. He questions the modernist imperative of building spaces for user-user interaction that inevitably end up being the same as user-machine interaction: we say what the interface lets us say, and our messages and intentions are reshaped by our interfaces. How do these ideas alter the way we perceive, react, relate, feel, and communicate? How do these ideas reshape our messages and intentions? Can we become completely blind in a world bound by optical fiber?

This Flash work has been emulated with Conifer by the Electronic Literature Lab in June 2021. External links are not functioning as a side effect of this process. To view this emulation click here.


Internet Explorer 5+, Macromedia Flash Player 7+, Adobe Acrobat 5+, Speakers