June 2012

Supported by Jerome Foundation, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Composer-percussionist Eli Keszler transformed Eyebeam Art & Technology Center’s Project Space with L-Carrier, a large-scale, mechanical stringed instrument that immersed audiences in rich harmonies and sparse, multi-directional rhythms. Fluid, dynamic acoustic sounds pushed and pulled against the installation’s sonic control. The website displayed the piece’s evolving visual data score, and streamed real-time audio from the physical environment. When people went to the website, they activated invisible “targets” distributed around the visual field. As these “targets” intercepted with Eli’s drawings the code that controlled the installation was altered which, in turn, changed the percussive patterns of the strings (at Eyebeam). L-Carrier was co-commissioned and co-produced by Eyebeam (Roddy Schock) and Issue Project Room (Zach Layton). The website contains documentation of the performance and installation at Eyebeam.


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