January 2007

Supported by Jerome Foundation

html_butoh questions the way information is indexed on the Web; it enacts the “Global Top 500” websites and is choreographed by their real-time HTML structure. Small video clips show participants translating the “functionality” of each HTML tag into movement. The URLs, and therefore the “stage,” changes every 3:28 minutes, running through 500 websites within a twenty-four hour cycle. html_butoh runs on the html-movement-library, an open-for-participation video clip database. In Butoh — a Japanese dance technique — the dancer “becomes” an image through her movements, which parallels to how a web browser scans through HTML and displays its content. By submitting to the html-movement-library every participant instantly becomes part of the html_butoh performance.

The Electronic Literature Lab could not preserve this Flash work with Ruffle or Conifer in June 2021. We plan to pursue other methods in the future.


To interact, you’ll need the Flash Player installed in your browser; a high speed Internet connection (DSL/Cable or better); and your speakers on. Optimized for Mozilla Firefox 2.0+, Opera 9.10+, Netscape 8.0+, and Safari 2.0+. To upload your own videos to the html-movement-library, please follow the instructions on the website.