Floating Points 3: Ubiquitous Computing

February 2006

Supported by Emerson College

Floating Points 3 — in partnership with Emerson College — will address the subject of “Ubiquitous Computing” or “Ubicomp,” where computing and wireless capabilities are so integrated into the fabric of everyday life (clothing, cars, homes, and offices) that the technologies recede into the background and become indistinguishable from everyday activities. Panel 1 will focus on responsive environments and systems, and Panel 2 will concentrate on networked devices such as barcodes and RFID tags and creative strategies to subvert the ever-enlarging practices of surveillance and data mining. Participants were Mark Goulthorpe, Susan Kozel, Chris Salter, Adam Greenfield, Beatriz da Costa and Brooke Singer (Preemptive Media), and Michelle Teran.