December 1998

A performance that explored uses of sound in a networked collaboration with seven composer / musicians. Streamed live on the web. The performance originated in three locations: Mills College in Oakland, CA; Harvestworks, Inc. in New York City; and the Morton Street Studio in New York City. Created especially for “Feedback,” a sequence of animated brushes that allow you to paint as you listen.

Performances from the Mills College (CA) and Harvestworks (NY) locations were streamed via RealAudio to the Boston server, www5, and from there to the Morton Street Studio, where they were mixed with live and prerecorded music and sound and streamed via RealAudio back to the server and on to the participating sites and to the web.

This performance is the second in a series of proposed performances by OnlineArts. Initiated by New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (Jesse Gilbert, Helen Thorington and Michael Mittelman).

The OnlineArts Project makes possible an increasing number of “broadcast-enabled” arts organizations and artists, and encourages performances among them.


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