May 1999

Supported by National Endowment for the Arts

Distance explores our desire for communication, through connection and disconnection, via fluctuations in transmission and reception between geographically separated participants mediated by the surface of the screen. This work investigates the disembodied and dislocated nature of on-line communication through a re-combination of images and text as a continued exploration of presence, absence and the desire for connectivity within a global networked environment.

The CU-SeeMee environment becomes the platform for my most recent Net-Specific Work: Distance. While photographing the windows of video and chat which appeared on my computer screen, I became a voyeur seduced into the on-line world of real-time interaction. While observing a constant stream of simultaneous video and chat, an intersubjectivity emerges — a syntax unique to on-line culture.


Built in HTML, Distance still functions in every browser. Original monitor settings were 832 X 624.