October 1998

Supported by Heathcote Art Foundation

The concept for byProxy came from Mittelman’s fascination with the new languages and forms of communication that have come out of the vast communities of the internet. The languages have developed at an extremely fast pace and are very specific to the needs of the users. There are many limitations inherent in real-time textual communication, and the new icons, proxies, abbreviations and standards that have emerged are quickly expanding our cultural possibilities. byProxy reflects the recent trend in communication, especially in online communities, in which clarity is sacrificed for speed. This often takes the form of proxies, which speak on your behalf, but do not always say exactly what you mean. Enter byProxy and communicate through proxies.


The work was written for Cosmo Player 2.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.x on Windows 95. Cosmo Player 2.0 no longer exists. And should you have an old copy, it doesn’t work on newer operating systems.