Brooklyn, NY, USA

xurban is an online/offline collective dedicated to art and politics. xurban attempts to motivate/provoke theoretical/political discussions and online art works. Since its founding xurban has transformed the data flow between its terminal points — New York, Istanbul, Ankara, Amsterdam — and fed it back to the decentralized circulation of the world wide web. At the same time it has tackled the problems of transferring these expressions to the physical exhibition space. xurban have realized numerous site-specific installations with online components

  • D.I.Y. or DIEYael Kanarek & Jo-Anne Green & Lauren Cornell & Helen Thorington & Carlo Zanni & Jason van Anden & Kate Armstrong & Michael Tippett & Julia Christensen & Cat Mazza & Andy Deck & Jason Freeman & Nathaniel Stern & Marcus Neustetter & MTAA & Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga & Adriaan Stellingwerff & Paolo Cirio & Alessandro Ludovico & midiatica.org & xurban_collective & Paul Catanese & Preemptive Media & Michael Mandiberg & Ubermorgen