Will Pappenheimer

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Will Pappenheimer is an artist working in new media, installation and multi-media. His projects utilize home surveillance networks, participatory media and information aesthetics. He has exhibited in numerous national and international exhibitions including the ICA Boston, Exit Art, FILE 2005, Sao Paulo, ISEA 2006/ZeroOne, San Jose Museum of Art, Florence Lynch Gallery and Postmasters Galleries, New York, Cabaret Voltaire and Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich and the Museum Fine Arts, Boston. His work received a half page photo citation in the New York Times at Art Basel Miami 2003 and a chapter of Gregory Ulmer’s theoretical book, “Electronic Monuments.” Current projects include commissions from Turbulence.org, Rhizome.org and the Tampa Lights program for the Super Bowl 2009.