Sonya Allin

Toronto, Canada

Sonya’s an engineer that currently lives in Toronto and works at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. She worked with amazing artists like Nina Sobell and Emily Hartzell on online performances when the internet was young and then did a Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon in assistive technology.

She wrote: “I think Nina Sobell’s work, in particular, is really worth preserving and reflecting on as she’s genuinely been a pioneer in the field of interactive art. Personally, I feel the project I did with her for Turbulence is somewhat remote to my current working situation but the project was also deeply formative. I won’t ever forget working with Nina and Jesse and I will always remember our time together and our shared vision for what the internet could be, how it might let us communicate and collaborate. I’m extremely appreciative of the support of Turbulence and hope it will support similar arts collaborations between people who really believe in and can demonstrate the power of the internet to build bridges.”