Leonardo Solaas

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Leonardo Solaas studied Philosophy at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and is a self-taught programmer, designer and new media artist. Among other distinctions, he was awarded the IBM Media Art Award 2006 at the 19th Stuttgarter Filmwinter for Dreamlines and the Premio Mamba – Fundación Telefónica 2005, in Buenos Aires, Argentina for Intimidad. He was also commissioned by the Readme 100 Software Art Festival in 2005 to develop the project Outsource Me!, under the guidance of Alexei Shulgin and Olga Goriunova.

Solaas has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including International Media Art Award (Karlsruhe, Alemania, 2005), 5ta Bienal del Mercosur (Porto Alegre, Brasil, 2005), Transmediale 06 (Berlín, Alemania, 2006), OFFF International Festival (Barcelona, España, 2006), Impakt Festival (Utrecht, Holanda, 2006), Interface & Society (Oslo, Noruga, 2006), Designmai 07 (Berlin, Germany, 2007), and FILE 2008 (Porto Alegre, Brasil, and Rio do Janeiro, Brasil). Solaas lives in Argentina.