London, United Kingdom

Greyworld is a group of London-based artists who create urban work. Their work finds expression through the mediums of installation. Sculpture and multiples. Founded by Andrew Shoben in 1993, Greyworld does interactive urban art for “the people who buy cans of beans,” not for the elite; and their installations involve the public as much as possible. Their most recent work, Bins and Benches, involves six or seven park benches installed at various locations in a park in Cambridge, England, and close by, the same number of bins positioned to collect rubbish. But this street furniture is very different.

Each bench and bin is able to roam freely in the space, interacting with the other species that inhabit their world. “In many ways Greyworld represents the shape of things to come. The hybrid mix of artist, designer, urban planner and musician, producing works that create new spaces for play, fun and contemplation – making manifest things which previously might only have been allowed space in the far corners of our imaginations.” (Clive Gilman)

Andrew Shoben is a former lecturer at the Royal College of Art, and is a visiting Professor to several Universities in the UK and the US. He is a Research Fellow at Goldsmiths University. Since 1999, he has been a special advisor to the Arts Council of England (LAB) and has recently been nominated for a NESTA fellowship. Andrew regularly gives guest lectures around the world, including the Kitchen, New York, The Design Indaba, Cape Town and GrafikEurope – Barcelona. This year he will speak at conferences in Malaysia, Los Angeles and Shanghai.