Gicheol Lee

New York, NY, USA

Gicheol Lee is a web & iOS developer who has experience in design and programming over 10 years. He had worked at Firstborn Multimedia for 5 years as a lead developer, where he programmed award-winning websites such as How Edison Are you?, Sithsense, Season of Surprises, KPF, Corzo, and firstborn’s website. Since he left firstborn in August 2007, he had worked with various ad agencies including Ogilvy, McGarryBowen, Tender, POKE, and For Office Use Only. He joined MediaMath in November 2011 and has been developing and maintaining TerminalOne application.

TerminalOne Marketing Operating System allows agencies and advertisers to plan, execute, optimize, and analyze marketing programs across the digital landscape. Prior to establishing himself in the States, he worked as a UNIX system engineer at IBM Korea, a web designer and an instructor. He’s also authored two best selling guides to Flash in Korean. 
Gicheol holds an MFA degree in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts. He has won numerous awards including Communication Arts, One Show, Cannes Cyber Lions, AIGA, just to name a few. With a keen eye on design and interaction, he is a pixel-level detail oriented design technologist who loves to solve problems through programming.