Cathy Davies

Los Angeles, CA, USA

In 1997, Cathy Davies casually put some fonts she designed on a website as a free download. Within two years, these fonts had been used in graphic designs from TV commercials to mainstream rap albums to riot girl zines. Since that time, her work has centered on the net as a distribution medium, art as a “gift economy”, the humble ubiquity of graphic design, and shoplifting from corporate and marketing culture. She performed with Heather Cassils as a cloned Bill Gates in “Microsoft Me” (2001) at Edith Russ site for Media Art in Oldenberg, Germany. Her web site “NeedCom: Market Research for Panhandlers” (1999) received funding from PBS Online and Web Lab, and will be featured in the upcoming book _Graphic Agitation 2_ from Taaschen Press.