Brigit Lichtenegger (aka Evo Szuyuan)

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Brigit Lichtenegger’s (aka Evo Szuyuan) primary interests in Virtual Reality and Immersive and Networked Environments led her to a variety of international collaborative Art and Research projects that have been awarded and presented at festivals and shows worldwide, including Ars Electronica and DEAF.

From 2006 on, she developed the avatar Evo Szuyuan and started exploring the potential of Second Life as platform for artistic intervention. She then organized Dorkbot Second Life, and started screening movies there (some she created for music groups, performance and installation artists).

Movies screened in Second Life and then at the European Machinima Festival, got her nominations in several categories. She has currently working on the feature movie “Volavola – Fly me,” entirely in Second Life.

Her websites are and