Artists Meeting

New York, NY, USA

Artists Meeting is a group of artists who create interventions and events. Through a series of discussions both online and in regular meetings, the group determines the viability of each project as it comes up and how to proceed. The process is partially by consensus but also depends on different members taking the lead or directing the project as it develops. Some processes demand a lot of hands in a group effort and reflect different ideas, other projects are executed according to a single vision.

Often Artists Meeting projects begin as proposals to a selected venue, such as an art fair, gallery, or festival. This allows the group to imagine different approaches and determine parameters for the work. As the proposals are accepted the project is executed. Other projects remain unexecuted but often resurface as part of another proposal or in work that is in process. In other words nothing is ever lost. Every bit of information and creative energy is retrieved when appropriate.

The group represents a range of creative talents including sculpture and installation artists, computer programmers and hackers, traditional painters, videographers, photographers, musicians, sound and performance artists. Some work is political and some is apolitical, but the assumption is that creating art in the face of all the obstacles facing artists is a political act. Artists Meeting began with the desire to expand the definition of art and the creative act using digital and traditional tools in a collaborative manner. Over the course of working together, the group methodology and style is constantly evolving.