Andy Deck

New York, NY, USA

Andy Deck specializes in art that’s participative and Internet accessible. His work addresses collaboration, interactivity, software, creativity, and independent media. Via his website ARTCONTEXT.NET and installations, Deck demonstrates new patterns of interaction and control, mediated experience, and artistic practice.

He co-founded Transnational Temps, an arts collective concerned with making Earth Art for the 21st Century. Deck’s works have appeared in numerous online exhibitions at venues such as Furtherfield’s HTTP Gallery, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona; Machida City Museum, Tokyo; Moving Image Gallery, NYC; MediaNoche, NYC; Postmaster’s Gallery, NYC; Location 1, NYC; Mejan Labs, Stockholm; Plato Sanat, Istanbul; and Wood Street Gallery, Pittsburgh. Notable exhibitions include net_condition (ZKM), Let’s Entertain (Walker Art Center), EcoMedia (Edith Ruß Haus für Medienkunst), Unleashed Devices (Watermans Art Centre), and Animations (PS1-MoMA).

Deck’s work has garnered awards and mention in various contexts, including Prix Ars Electronica, the Webby Awards, VIDA 4.0, the Biennial of Ibiza, and the Web Biennial of Istanbul, and the LÚMEN_EX Digital Art Awards. Deck, who lives and works in New York City, has produced commissions for Tate Online, Turbulence, and Rhizome. His work is held in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Computer Fine Arts Collection.