Adriaan Stellingwerff

Sydney, Australia

Adriaan Stellingwerff has been working in the field of new media and screen-based arts for over 8 years. Combining his technical background as an engineer with his interest in the arts, he started working as a new media arts curator and producer in the Netherlands in 1998. Between 1998 and 2003 Adriaan curated and organised three major international exhibitions of interactive installation art ( In this period he also acted as the co-producer for two new installation works. In 2003, Adriaan co-founded (, an online portal to websites in the field of the electronic arts for which he continues to be the researcher and editor. In 2003, Adriaan moved to Australia, where he worked for 2 years as the Program Manager at dLux media arts, a Sydney-based new media arts organisation. In 2005, Adriaa was awarded a Rhizome commission for his first work Eternal Sunset.
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