New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA) has partnered with many organizations, festivals, galleries, educational institutions and networks to extend its online activities into the physical world. It has also partnered with other online platforms, including Ars Virtua, Electronic Literature Organization, Low-fi, MGFest, and These activities have collectively broadened NRPA’s network/audience and, perhaps more importantly, encouraged artists working in more traditional media to experiment with emerging networked technologies.

"Connecting the Nodes: Networking for Art, Technology and Culture" by Anne Marie Buenker
“Connecting the Nodes: Networking for Art, Technology and Culture” by Anne Marie Buenker

Upgrade! Boston

Curated by Jo-Anne Green, Upgrade! Boston (2005-2011) was a monthly gathering of new media artists and curators that fostered dialogue and created opportunities for collaboration within the media art community. At each meeting one or two artists/curators presented work in progress and participated in a discussion. Upgrade! Boston was a node in the Upgrade! International network which, at its peak, included 32 cities. Upgrade! Boston was hosted by Art Interactive, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, The Center for Advanced Visual Studies (MIT), and The Media Lab (MIT). It participated in five Upgrade! International events: First Gathering of Upgrade! International (Eyebeam, NYC, 2005); DIY Oklahoma City (OK, 2006); Chain Reaction (Skopje, Macedonia, 2008); Winter Camp: From Weak Ties to Organized Networks (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2009); and Soft Borders (São Paulo, Brazil, 2010). Finally, Upgrade! Boston participated in the WGBH Educational Foundation’s Forum Network in 2010.

Floating Points

Co-curated and presented with Emerson College, Boston: Floating Points: Net Art Now (2004), Floating Points 2: Networked Art in Public Spaces (2005), Floating Points 3: Ubiquitous Computing (2006), OurFloatingPoints 4: Participatory Media (2007), Floating Points 5: Mixed Realities (2008), Floating Points 6: Games of Culture | Art of Games (2009).

Programmable Media

Co-curated and presented with Pace Digital Gallery and Michelle Riel: Programmable Media: Open Platforms for Creativity and Collaboration (2007) and Programmable Media II: Networked Music (2008).


Co-curated and presented with Pace Digital Gallery: Turbulence@PaceDigitalGallery (2009), David Crawford Retrospective (2010), Turbulence@PaceDigitalGallery2 (2011), Turbulence@PaceDigitalGallery3 (2013).


Co-organized and presented with Issue Project Room: Public Works, The Occupants, and Moments of Inertia (2010).  L-Carrier (Eyebeam, 2012).

Turbulence@Boston Cyberarts Festival

OurFloatingPoints 4: Participatory Media (Emerson College, 2004);  Re-Writing: Writers, Computers and Networks (Brown University, Boston Public Library, 2005);  Itinerant, Teri Rueb (Judi Rotenberg Gallery, 2005); Handheld Histories as Hyper-Monuments, Carmin Karasic, et al (Judi Rotenberg Gallery, 2007); Technological Frontiers and the Limits of Nature: Networked Interventions by Jane D. Marsching, Cary Peppermint, Brooke Singer, moderated by Shane Brennan (Art Interactive, 2007).


Enlisting Participation Online: Andy Deck and Zannah Marsh (2013); interaXis (2002).


Co-presented Itinerant (2005) and Handheld Histories as Hyper-Monuments (2007) at Judi Rotenberg Gallery, Boston, MA. of Science

Pulse Pool and Art in Second Life (Boston, 2007).

Turbulence@Lumen Eclipse

Tenderly Yours by Peter Horvath, and re_collection by Michael Takeo Magruder (reviewed by Cate McQuaid for the Boston Globe, 2005); Tap Evol by Victor Liu (2006). Lumen Eclipse, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


interaXis (2002)


L-Carrier (2012); Upgrade! International (2005)

Turbulence@Greylock Arts and MCLA Gallery 51

Networked Realities: (Re)Connecting the Adamses (Adams, North Adams, MA, 2008)

Turbulence@Huret & Spector Gallery

Mixed Realities (Boston, MA, 2008)

Turbulence@Art Interactive

Upgrade! Boston (Cambridge, MA, 2005-2007); NE Initiative II (Cambridge, MA, 2006)


Person-to-Person Communication; Using Waste/Creating Art; Aspects of Online Performance; Internet as Process I; Internet as Process II; Internet as Process III; Alternative Approaches to Film;  (Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY, 2001-2002)

“The Soundtransit project continues to exist thanks to the generous hosting support of” – Derek Holzer, Marc Boon