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    Gallery Hours - Huret & Spector Gallery, Emerson College, Boston
    Monday - Friday 11 am to 3 pm
    Gallery Hours - Ars Virtua Gallery, Second Life +
    Twenty Four Seven
    NOTE: To fully experience these works in any of the locations, it's best to visit during Boston gallery hours.


by Pierre Proske, with technical assistance from Artem Baguinski and Brigit Lichtenegger

Imaging Beijing

by John (Craig) Freeman

by Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott

by Neill Donaldson, Usman Haque, Ai Hasegawa, Georg Tremmel

The Vitruvian World
by Michael Takeo Magruder, Drew Baker and David Steele

    Teleport to Ars Virtua in Second Life
    Mixed Realities is an international networked art exhibition that explores the convergence — through cyberspace — of real and synthetic places made possible by computers and networks. Mixed Realities links and overlays the Huret & Spector Gallery (Boston),, and Ars Virtua (Second Life).

Second Life is a shared, synthetic, 3-D environment through which people can interact in real-time by means of a virtual self or avatar.

Audience members — who are embodied as avatars in Second Life, browsing the works at, and/or physically present in the Huret & Spector Gallery — interact with the works and with one another. Thus, Mixed Realities enables people who are distributed across multiple physical and virtual spaces to communicate with one another and share experiences in real time.

The five works in the exhibition were commissioned by New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. specifically for Mixed Realities. An international competition was juried by Yasmine Abbas, Founder, Neo-Nomad; Michael Frumin, Technical Director Emeritus, Eyebeam; James Morgan, Director, Ars Virtua; Trebor Scholz, Founder, Institute for Distributed Creativity; and Helen Thorington, Co-Director, Turbulence. Bios >>
    Mixed Realities was curated by Jo-Anne Green (jo [at], Co-Director, New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
    Mixed Realities was funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Emerson College.
    Thanks to Robert Fleming, Director, Huret & Spector Gallery.