Mixed Realities: Ars Virtua & Huret & Spector Gallery


We will construct two devices, one in Ars Virtua, one in Huret & Spector Gallery, which, via the EnvironmentXML framework, will enable people around the world to build remote devices and environments that respond in realtime to the local environmental conditions of the two galleries. A Java applet and historical data repository, residing on the turbulence.org server, will enable the tracking of realtime and historical sensory data from the two locations as well as the connections that people make over time.

The team

Aside from these specific roles, we will all be involved in all areas of the project, since we are all proficient in both hardware and software as well as server-side issues.


This proposal takes as its starting point that the distinction between 'virtual' and 'real' is as quaint as the nineteenth century distinction between 'mind' and 'body'. As such, the space of Ars Virtua and Huret & Spector Gallery are to be treated equivalently.

We have already built a simple web-based framework, EnvironmentXML (see below) that enables people to tag and share data feeds, in order to connect remote environments and devices across the internet. This framework will be extended to include the capability of accessing and responding to Ars Virtua environmental conditions and for Ars Virtua devices to access and respond to Huret & Spector Gallery environmental conditions. Since the Environment XML protocol is relatively easy to implement, particulary for any device built using Processing or Arduino, we hope that over the course of several months more and more other artists and designers will be able to build their own local devices that respond in realtime to both the Ars Virtua and Huret & Spector Gallery remote environments.

This will entail the construction of two devices and a java applet:

Further information

1. Details of how the project will be realized, including what software / programming will be used.

2. Enumerate the specific techniques/products/programs/languages/toolkits that you will be employing to realize the project

3. If your project requires the procurement of a domain name, please specify why this is necessary, and where you plan to have the domain(s) hosted.

4. What portion of the project will be realized on the turbulence.org server?

5. What portion of the project (if any) will be realized on server(s) other than turbulence.org?

6. If possible, please state the approximate monthly bandwidth you anticipate using for this project.

7. Will you work within the existing SL structure or do you plan to create something unique?

8. How will the Ars Virtua component of your project interact with the Turbulence and Huret & Spector Gallery components?

9. Will the realization or your piece fit into the 2000 m sq of Ars Virtua's main Gallery and within 500 prims?

10. Will you be streaming video or audio into the space? How many streams will you be using, and have you done this before?

11. What are the dimensions of the piece?

12. What equipment will it require? Are you able to supply the equipment?

13. Other installation materials?

14. Will anything have to be suspended from the ceiling?

15. How will the piece be delivered to Huret & Spector Gallery?

16. How will the piece be installed and by whom? How long will the installation take?

Project Budget




Shipping (UPS)



Up to five examples of prior work accessible on the web.