Through the use of the SWIPE Toolkit Decode Barcode application, we have been keeping track of information encoded on drivers' licenses in the US and Canada. Here are the current results. Or, see a table for quick comparison of states and provinces. The raw field count data is also available in comma separated value (CSV) format.

Note: We are not only keeping track of the types of data stored in 2D barcodes, but also the empty data fields (or placeholders). These placeholders indicate that a state/province is interested in encoding this data but does not do so as of now. The Toolkit does not keep track of specific data from individual licenses. Also, if there is no information for your state/province, either your state/province does not have a 2D barcode on its driver's license, the 2D barcode is encrypted, or no one from your state/province has uploaded a 2D barcode to our online application.

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