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Providing Background Information to Transportation Security Administration:
Data Dump Required Before Flights
August 1, 2003
Wired Magazine
By Ryan Singel

Illegal Charges to Access Your Own Experian File:
In the Matter of Experian: Complaint and Request for Injunction
September 16, 2003
Complaint Before the Federal Trade Commission

FBI's Use of Experian:
Who's Minding Your Data?
August 11, 2003
By  Caron Carlson

Experian Sending Our Data Files Abroad:
Credit agencies sending our files abroad
SF Gate
November 7, 2003
By David Lazarus R

Experian Data Used to Target TV Audiences:

Wink, Experian in iTV Data Deal
August 5, 2002
Internet News
By Christopher Saunders

What Consumers are Saying:
Complaints over data privacy soar
July 12, 2001
By Sarah Left

Experian and the Consumer

Experian Security Breach:
FBI Probes Hacks on Ford, Experian
May 17, 2002
Internet News
By Beth Cox