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CP Portals for Federal Agencies:
CP Online for FBI (This is a web archive. The current portal is no longer public.)
CP Online for HUD
CP Online for INS

CP Relation to Federal Government:
Data Collectors Need Surveillance, Too
January 24, 2002
By Jane Black

Commercial Database Use Flagged
January 16, 2002
Federal Computer Week
By William Matthews

E-Legal: Uncovering Alleged Government Purchases of Electronic Personal Data
January 21. 2002
By Eric J. Sinrod

CP and Florida's Botched Election in 2000:
Botched Name Purge Denied Some the Right to Vote
May 31, 2001
Washington Post
By Robert E. Pierre

The Wrong Way To Fix the Vote
June 10, 2001
Washington Post
By Gregory Palast

Firm in Florida Election Fiasco Earns Millions from Files on Foreigners
May 5, 2003
By Oliver Burkeman in Washington and Jo Tuckman in Mexico City

CP in Latin America:
Mexico Claims ChoicePoint Stepped Across the Line
May 27, 2003
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
By Peralte C. Paul in Atlanta and Susan Ferriss in Mexico City

Vendor Sells Latin American Citizen Data to U.S
September 9, 2003
USA Today

CP Found Guilty of Poor Data Verification Practices:
Obabueki v. IBM
Court Access

CP Security Breach:
Data Firm Exposes Records Online
January 22, 2002
By Brian McWilliams