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Acxiom and TIA:
Darpa Discussed Acxiom as TIA Data Source
February 5, 2004
Electronic Privacy Information Center

Acxiom and Jetblue:
EPIC Complaint Against JetBlue Airways and Acxiom Corp.
September 22, 2003
Electronic Privacy Information Center, Complaint Presented to the Federal Trade Commission

Acxiom Denies Invading Airline Passengers' Privacy
September 23, 2003
USA Today

JetBlue 'Fesses Up, Quietly'
September 19, 2003
By Ryan Singel

Acxiom and Wesley Clark:
Clark Worked For Ark. Data Firm: Acxiom Role Part of Surveillance Debate
September 27, 2003
Washington Post
By Robert O'Harrow Jr.

Wesley Clark Keeps Acxiom
September 18, 2003
Direct Marketing Business Intelligence
Richard Levey

Wesley Clark Resigns From Acxiom Board of Directors
October 9, 2003
Acxiom Press Release

Acxiom and Opting Out:
Acxiom Opts Out of Opt-Out
November 17, 2003
By Ryan Singel

Acxiom and Unlisted Phone Numbers:
Unlisted Numbers Not Protected From Marketers
December 19, 1999
Washington Post
By Robert O'Harrow Jr.

Acxiom Security Breach:
Intrusion And Theft Of Data Result In Loss Of More Than $7 Million
July 21, 2004
Department of Justice Press Release

Acxiom Database Hacked
August 8, 2003
Computer World
By Linda Rosencrance

Acxiom Database Hack Highlights Risk
August 11, 2003
Tech News World
By Jay Lyman

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