No Matter is an installation of imaginary objects made both in Second Life and in physical space. 

No Matter reflects the tension between the SL virtual economy and real economics by:
(1) commissioning 25 builders and artists to produce 40 imaginary objects in Second Life space;
paying them in Linden dollars at an equivalent scale of $1.50 to $12.00 per object;
(3) extracting the objects from Second Life — a closed system where 3D models cannot be exported;
(4) reconstructing these objects as 3D paper replicas in physical space.

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Credits & Many, Many Thanks!

No Matter is a spring 2007 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.,
(aka Ether-Ore) for its Mixed Realities exhibition. It was made possible with funding from the
Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Produced by Scott Kildall & Victoria Scott (2007-2008) in San Francisco, CA.

Scott Kildall
is cross-disciplinary artist working with video, installation, prints, sculpture and
performance. He also works with Second Front — the first performance art group in
Second Life.

Victoria Scott is a visual artist who works with electronic media, sculpture and social relations, both materially and as conceptual metaphor.

Printing at Electric Works
Electric Works serves artists and collectors with a digital printmaking studio in San Francisco's SOMA district.

3D remodeling by Daisuke Imai.
Dai is a CG artist living and working in San Francisco.

Cutting assistance:
Camille Utterback, Brett Bowman, Genevieve Hoffman.

Photographic documentation of the installation at the Huret & Spector Gallery (Emerson College, Boston) and stills of the imaginary objects by Peter Harris.

Special Thanks to Turbulence.org co-founders Jo-Anne Green & Helen Thorington and the 25 Second Life builders and artists who participated in this project.


A project by Scott Kildall & Victoria Scott
Big Dumb Object
Book of Love
Brain in a Vat
Can of Worms
Cone of Obliscence
Dilithium Crystal
Flying Carpet
Flying Saucer
Holy Grail
Icarus's Wings
Infinite Improbability Drive
Magic Potion
Maltese Falcon
Missing Link
Pandora's Jar/Box
Paper Tiger
Perpetual Motion Machine
Philosopher's Stone
Portable Hole
Picture of Dorian Gray
Pot of Gold
Red Herring
Schrödinger's Cat
Seven-League Boots
Tell-Tale Heart
Ten Commandments
Time Machine
Tree that Fell in the Forest
Trojan Horse
Turing Machine
Wheel of Fate
Yellow Submarine
Commissioned by Turbulence.org for the exhibition Mixed Realities