The collaborators, their areas of expertise, and  specific roles on the project:

Alexandre Freire – programer on mobiles, will be responsible for the set up of the audio mobile server. More
Etienne Delacroix - MIT fellow and teacher at USP - University of Sao Paulo. Works with discarded computers and other technologycal garbage, Responsible for the assembly of the portable PC and the machine's backbone

Giuliano Djahdjah – free-radio practicioner and documentarist, responsible for the workshops and urban interventions. More

Luís "Asa" Fagundes – hacker, programs on PHP, C++

Murmur - a group collecting personal stories on mobile phones in Toronto, Canada. Responsible for the mobile conectivity . More.

Ricardo Ruiz – media practicioner, responsible for the workshops, the construction of the machine and the urban interferences. More

Romano - radio artist and audio designer, responsible for the audio capture and record. More.

Tatiana Wells - new media researcher, will be responsible for urban intervention and collecting stories. More

Proponents: midiatatica.org

Ricardo Ruiz
Graduated in Social Communication with emphasis in Advertisement  from  universidade sao judas tadeu (sp) with a post graduation in hypermedia design from universidade anhembi-morumbi (sp). Working as a graphic designer since 1994, he worked with many firms such as Faber Castell, Kolynos do Brasil, YOKI (package line from 1995 to 2000), Between 2003 and 2004,he was responsible for all the packaging from Pinnacle Systems no Brasil (http://www.pinnaclesysla.com).

In 2004 he lectured at the Dawes Road Adult Educational Centre (London), at an  IT course  for eldery people; Also in  2004,he lectured at  Autolabs - tactical media labs in free software , at the workshop Graphic Experimentation and Publication; by the MInistery of Culture he gave another workshop for the MST settlements gathered at  Segunda Semana Cultural da Terra do MST, realizado em Recife (2004); Also at sthe Poly Media (Porto Alegre, 2004) Graphic production in free software, sesc vila nova (Historias Digitais - com Tatiana Wells e Fran Illich), sesc santo andré (Graphic production on Free Software), e sesc vila mariana (web arte - net arte).

Festivals he attended  or participated include:  Midia Tatica Brasil (coordenador/produtor - são paulo, march 2003), The Next 5 Minutes (expositor/performance/palestrante - Amsterdam, september de 2003), Cybersalon (palestrante - Londres, outubro de 2003), Digital Storytelling Conference @ University of the Westo of England, in Bristol (palestrante - november 2003) , FindeTatico (organizador - june 2004, part of Mostra Sesc de Arte) Digitofagia (organizador - rio de janeiro e sao paulo, outubro de 2004) e o Alternative Law Forum Conference (bangalore, india, novembro de 2004), where he presented a project for a Media Center developed by midiatatica.org on a fellowship with The Waag Institute for Old and New Media (Holland) e Sarai (India).

Participou como espectador da BBC International Storytelling Conference (Cardiff, novembro de 2003), DMZ - Desmilitarized Zone (Londres, novembro de 2003), Dorkbot (Londres, dezembro de 2003), Our Media/Polymedia IV (Porto Alegre, julho de 2003) e Ars Electronica 2004 (Linz, setembro de 2004) e o Fórum Social Pan Amazônico (Manaus, fevereiro de 2005), entre outros pequenos festivais, conferencias e exibicoes..

He collaborates with many art and activism groups such as  BaseV, graphic experimentation collective; midiatatica.org,group that studies new media pedagogies and proposes new spaces for media production and dissemination; contratv.net, workshop project for medias dymistification and audio-video experiments  and narratives for the web; furtherfield, group of net artistas based in London; and Canal Contemporaneo,a site dedicated to Brazilain contemporary and modern arts.

He is currently engaged inthe coordination of the Federal government project Pontos de Cultura responsible for developing and implementing  multimidia kits at over 200 points across Brazil, being developed ny MinC, Ministerio da Cultura/Ministry of Culture, part of the program Cultura Viva.


midiatatica.org is a network that connects itself through common spaces of research and action. IP:// is the public interface of this network. More


::::::::: urban intervention and information correctional machine

part I


A perfect colonization and a TV channel

brazilian background

the soup-opera republic

part II


An alternative to change realities

what is mimoSa

part III


People, technology and machinery involved



prior works


“mimoSa: Urban Intervention and Information Correctional Machine” is a 2005 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible with funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.”