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mimoSa are workshops to create a machine capable, even in a small scale, alter this scenario of media production and repression in Brazil. We believe that people start tho think critically about media when they start to produce their own media. And, at least in Brazil, a new system of media distribution is a way to achieve a better distribution of power, representation and visibility.

During the workshops, a group of people (participants) will work together with artists, artisand  and activists to create and operate this machine.
The machine should be able to:
- record public stories throughout the mobile phone into a web server; 
- record public stories throughout microphone into a database on a portable computer;
- broadcast it in FM;
- play it loud on speakers
- record movies troughout  the mobile phone into a web server;
- record an Audio CD to each of the interviwed, with her/his own storie and with all the audio database
- spray on a street wall a telephone number and code and a web address where people passing by will be able to hear the stories

The workshops are divided in:

- Constructing a machine: 3 classes to prepare a portable machine to burn CDs and record sounds from mics and mobiles
- Programing on Mobiles I: 3 classes to prepare a server to receive and record mobile call and mirror it for turbulence server
- Programing on Mobiles II: 3 classes to prepare the server to send the audios to mobiles and play it online
- Audio: edit and transmit: 3 classes to learn how to edit, remix, codec and transmit audio
- Media for urban intervention: 3 classes of tests on the machine using it around the museum
- Urban intervention and information correctional: 3 classes of urban intervention with the machine and data analisys

The plastic format of the machine really doesn't matter. It will always have a imperfect body, because it does have living cells. It is a body without organs.

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::::::::: urban intervention and information correctional machine

part I


A perfect colonization and a TV channel

brazilian background

the soup-opera republic

part II


An alternative to change realities

what is mimoSa

part III


People, technology and machinery involved



prior works


“mimoSa: Urban Intervention and Information Correctional Machine” is a 2005 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible with funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.”