Carole Kim

CAROLE KIM is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on performance-based video installation combining digital/new media technologies and the sensitivity of the improvisational live performer/participant. The work emphasizes video’s capacity as a live medium and the illusory architecture of layered video projection in space. The moving image is spatially mapped onto a site, compositing in real space. The seamless cinematic distance of pre-edited film viewing is ruptured by the awareness that the moving image is being constructed in the moment. The more recent works have introduced the live presence of dancers into this layered landscape, mediating the body while preserving the dynamic edge of the live performer. The performances are immersive environments that often explore a de-centralized performance space that supports an integrated reciprocal exchange between sound, image, movement, space.

She has exhibited and performed widely in the US and abroad. Venues include the Museum of Modern Art-New York, Museum of Contemporary Art-Los Angeles, REDCAT/Disney Hall, the Getty Center, Trampoline: Platform for New Media Art (Nottingham, England), the Stanford Jazz Festival, Engine 27 (New York), Arizona State University-West Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance Program (Phoenix, AZ), the Knitting Factory (LA), ArtSonje Center (Seoul, Korea) plus numerous festivals and performance series. Eyebeam Atelier in New York commissioned a piece on the web and the performance / installation REVERSE HOUSE KIT was featured in the DVD publication ASPECT vol2: New Media Artists of the West Coast.