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The Google Pond

Throw a coin, make a wish. Google is underwater.
This liquified interface is still functional. You can search and get results.
Credits: Based on the excellent Rippler class by David Lenaerts

Technique: Flash/ActionScript, Google Search API

Paint it Google

You can make art from Google, too: the search page becomes a panting canvas.
Click anywhere to sample a color and paint with it. You can still search and get results.

Technique: Flash/ActionScript, Google Search API


This is how Google would like in an alternate universe where there's only one vowel.

Technique: PHP

The Dark Side

The negative version of Google, where perhaps 'do no evil' becomes 'do no good'.

Technique: PHP

The Nongoogles

There are others search engines out there, though few people notice…
This is a multiple view of how the world looks through them.

Technique: HTML frames

All the birds try to avoid the Google

The Google Book was written by economist Vincent Cartwright Vickers in 1913, about a land populated by birds and a monster called the Google. It is the first recorded use of the word.
This is an HTML version of the book uploaded by Google Blogscoped.

Technique: Objet trouvé

Googles by others

As a cultural icon, Google's homepage and the search engine have been subject of a number of hacks, reinterpretations and experiments in the last few years. Here's a collection of Google variations made by other people and found around the web.

Technique: Collection

Beautiful Signs

There are many Googles around the world, and some of them use writing systems that look beautiful and intriguing for those of us who are foreign to them. The well-known Google home page becomes transformed by that cultural diversity.
Note: you might not be able to view some of these writings, depending on the fonts available on your system.

Technique: HTML frames

The Gloobal Village

In addition to its ubiquity as a virtual entity, Google is physically present in many locations around the world. Here, Google's 'eye in the sky' is pointed to its own offices to put together the map of a global Google village.

Technique: PHP, Google Static Maps API

Google is Good

Google's unofficial motto is 'do no evil'. The negative axiom does often stumble in the many ambiguities and complexities of being a huge, powerful corporation that manages a substantial part of the access to the entire world's data.
This is a search for 'Google' in a collection of critical and watchdog sites that deal with issues of privacy, transparency, censorship and ethics. Feel free to search and explore further.

Technique: Google Custom Search service

Google is Gold

Apart from a recognizable brand and a set of Internet tools and services, Google is also one of the largest corporations in the world. Its stated mission is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful", but while they are at it they are also turning huge profits.
Here's a view of the hard reality of Google's stock valuation, as compared to its archrivals Apple and Microsoft.

Technique: Ready-made / URL art

Google is God

Is Google all-knowing, omniscient and ubiquitous? Is it becoming a superior intelligence? Does it have an answer for each of our doubts and needs?
Here's a short series of quotes about the unsettling nature and mysterious future of this virtual creature that is unlike anything we have seen before.

Technique: HTML

The Trends

If everything comes down to popularity – what people is talking and writing about – it appears Google has won the battle.

Technique: Ready-made / URL art

The Future

A cosmic perspective on a global phenomenon. Or: after all, everything comes to an end.

Technique: HTML

Google Variations is a work by Leonardo Solaas

Google Variations is a 2010 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence website.
It was made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

You can click on the magnifying glasses  for some unnecessary chatter about each variation.