FALLOUT: What's Left

an installation by Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga

Momenta Art, 72 Berry St. Brooklyn, NY, December 9th through January 23rd

Employing various forms of propaganda - posters, radio, t-shirts, on screen announcements, personal postings - the installation "FALLOUT: What's Left" encapsulates a utopian Marxist moment as a temporary facade.

Drawing from public text submissions to this online repository of personal perspectives on Nicaragua, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga constructs a revisionist history reflecting the ebb and flow of Latin American Marxist revolution. At a time when the U.S. Government considers possible flaws in its current interventionist strategies and as South American socialist leaders challenge U.S. policy, the installation "FALLOUT: What's Left" collapses the past with the present to displace interventionism and radical change with personal perspectives.

The installation features propaganda posters commissioned for the installation from four designers: Isabel Chang, Enrique Sacasa, Ed Adams and David Ulrich; a new video game by Miranda titled "Always Go Left;" a mini FM public radio station for interviews with Latin American historians and free Skype sessions during the holiday season for migrant's separated from family.

Posted onto plywood sheets superiposed over the gallery walls (similar to plywood walls shielding pedestrians from construction sites) are historical documents dating as far back as the 1920's - public correspondence between Agusto Cesar Sandino and U.S. Captain G.D. Hatfield, 1927; as well as recent personal statments submitted to the online repository. Through the combination of original posters designed for the installation, personal memories, historical documents, photographic documents the installation presents a small collective history of Nicaragua.

Posters Contributed:

Enrique Sacasa

Ed Adams

Dave Ulrich

Isabel Chang

Ricardo Miranda

Portrait of Mauricio Padilla Zungia
Documentation of Installation: