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Featured: profiles and interviews of three European Web/Net artists. All three are using English as the language of their sites, have produced impressive bodies of multimedia, interactive work available on the Web, and synthesize arts and media with an engaging command of tools ranging from DHTML to Flash and Shockwave.
  Stanza (England)
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You will not find anyone with as extensive and well-developed a body of interactive audio work for the Web. And it is 'of a body': if you visit the linked sites, you would be able to identify it were you to encounter it elsewhere, which might happen, because stanza exhibits widely on and off the Web.
Reiner Strasser (Germany)
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Reiner Strasser is a web.artist and an organizer/curator of projects. Since 1996, Strasser has created a large and significant body of, often in collaboration with other artists. The work is varied technologically from masterful Javascript through Quicktime and Flash work.
  Michiel Knaven (Holland)

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We find in Michiel Knaven's work a fine sense of how idea emerges from material. As though he were a writer but with material objects instead of words. Perhaps this means he has an interesting sense of composition and a sense of the language of objects. His broad sense of multimedia, through netart and beyond, is involved here.
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