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us developed a smooth surface." "We calculated an average fireball temperature of 8,430 Kelvin," they reported. That's 14,710 degrees Fahrenheit. The new theory explains the tiny spheres of glass found onsite as drops that cooled and hardened enough to keep their shape when they hit the ground. It also explains why there was Trinitite found on top of the outer edges of the asphalt used around the 100-foot tower and on some objects left in the ground zero area. Soldiers and scient

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The challenges facing the emergency responder community are evolving rapidly in today's security aware climate. dt ho has been a leader in providing use) The George McDonald ranch house sits within an 85'x85' low stone wall. The house was built in 1913 by Franz Schmidt, a German immigrant. An addition on the north side was constructed in the 1930s by the McDonalds. A disp

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mily is in the house during each open house. The ranch house i

s a one-story, 1,750 square-foot building. It is built of adobe which was plastered and painted. An ice house is located on the west side along with an underground cistern which stored rain water running off the roof. At one time the north addition contain

ed a toilet and bathtub

which drained into a septic tank northwest of the house. Th