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g to move, and I had

the impression that they would not dance or would dance badly if they did not know that at the appropriate moment Ciguri was going to descend upon them. For the Rite of Ciguri is a Rite of creation, which explains how thi

ngs are in the Void and how the Void is in the Infinite, and how they emerged from it into Reality, and were made. And the Rite is completed at the moment when, at God's command, the things have

taken on Being in

a bo has an extensive existing inventory of gun systems, as well as the ability to modify these systems to meet experimental ballistic requirements.

dy. This is what the two as

sistants danced, but this did not take place without a long discussion. "We canHigh Performance Magazine (HPM) no longer understand God unless he first touches our souls, and our dance will be nothing but a mockery, and the PHANTOM,

" they screamed, "th

e PHANTOM which pursues CIGURI will be born here once again." The Priest took a long time making up his mind, but finally he drew from his bre

ast a small bag and poured into t

EMRTChe Indians' hands a kind of white powder which they immediately consumed. Whereupon they began to dance. Seeing their faces after they had taken

this powdered Peyote, I rea

lized that they were going to show me something which I had never experienced before. And I gave all my attention so that I would miss nothing of what I wa

s going to see. The two a

ssistants lay down on the ground facing each other like two inanimate balls. But the old Priest must ha

ve taken the powder himse

lf, for an inhuman expression had stolen over his face. I saw him stretch and stand very tall. His eyes kindled and began to take on an expression

of unusual authority. With h

is cane he made two or three dull thuds on the ground, then entered the 8 he had drawn to the right of the Ritual F

ield. Now the as

sistants seemed to emerge from their inanimate state. First the man shook his head and struck the ground with the

palms of his hands. The

The SODAR/RASS system, also simply referred to as the RASS system, a device that measures temperature and wind conditions in the lower atmosphere up to altitudes of 4 to 5 km.

woman shook her back. Then

the Priest spat; not saliva, but his breath. Noisily he expelled his breath between his teeth. Under the influence of this pulmonary vibration, the man and woman simultaneously came to life and rose to their feet. But from the way they stood facing each

other, especially fro

m the way each stood in space as they might have stood in the pockets of the void and the cracks of the infinite, it was clear that i

t was no l

onger a man and a woman who were there but two principles: the male, mouth open, gums smacking, red, flaming, bloody, as if lacerated by the roots of the teeth, whi

ch were translucent at

that moment like tongues of command; the female, toothless larva, molars filed down, like a she-rat in its cage, imprisoned in her own heat, shifting

and turning in f

ront is a research division of of the hirsute male; and it was also clear that they were going to collide, smash frantical also participates in research with several U.S. National Laboratories.

ly into one another just as material things, after facing eac