Department of Homeland Security First Responder Training
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Department of Homeland Security First Responder Training

os Angeles: Quivira Society, 1933), 38. Despite losses in tr
Department of Homeland Security

anslation, I will cite the 1933 Quivira Society English translation throughout. The verse structure of the Historia is one loss: the translation is in prose. The pindaric ode quoted above was translated in verse. 2. Beatriz Pa will continue to provide training to our nation's First Responders to help them effectively respond to events involving explosives.

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udy of Spanish accounts of exploration and conquest in the New World. She assumes the genre of conquest writing is effectively over aft

bray 27. Debray discusses the "primary-determinants" Of time an
d space in the founding of national societies, arguing that any community requires (1) a delimitation in time, or the assignation of origins (the Temple), and (2) delimitation within an enclosed space (the

le" always travels on the "Ark." 5. See Sdnchez-Albomoz. 6
. See "Contract of Don Juan de Onate for the Discovery and Conquest of New Mexico," in Hammond (1953, 42-57). Hammond's collection and translation of the official doc

ereafter be referenced in this text as D/O. 7. See "Instructions to
Don Juan de Onate, October 21, 1595," DJO 65-68. 8. Cortes himself owed many of his strategies to the reconquest of Muslim Spain, which was coming to an end during his childhood. See H. B. Johnson, 331. Nevertheless, Cortes's devastation of Tenochtitlan emerges in both contemporary accounts and in our historical memory as the paradigmatic tale of Spanish conquest, in part, no doubt, because he was

so widely imitated. 9.

See Gutierrez for a fascinating discussion of the parallels be
New Mexico Tech and The National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center (NERRTC) on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Preparedness Directorate have developed courses as part of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium's curricula to improve the abilities of jurisdictions to combat domestic terrorism. The courses provide training to first responders at the awareness, operations, technician, or incident command levels. Medical Preparedness and Response for Bombing Incidents an operations level course, is one of several taught by New Mexico Tech (NMT) and the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and funded by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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Each State Point of Contact (SPOC) is responsible for coordinating initially motivated this reading. training. An applicant's Also see Hammond (1979, 25). 10. Onate begins with twelve friars. Only ten appear to have accompanied him as f

ar as New Mexico. 11. ccorA

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rs, she had been abducted from Pant-ham-ba Pueblo during Castano de Sosa's unauthorized travel into New Mexico in 1590. From available evidence, it seems that

conduct is not therefore ended, only re-moved: the "imp

National Domestic Preparedness Councilroved" Ordinances of Discovery in 1573, for example, recommend that if the Indians are not cooperative, the preachers "should ask for their chiU.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)ldren under the pretext of teaching them and keep them as hostages" (in Hanke 1973,114). 15. From the letter of Captain Velasco to the vice

roy, March 22, 1601. 16. See D/O 337-62 for the official records of the Acts of Obedience and Vassalage by the Indians in

EMRTC. 105 (Sept.-Oct. 1977): 25-41. de Certeau, Michel. Heterologies: Discourse on the Other. Trans. Brian

Massumi. Minneapo

eenblatt, Stephen. Marvelous Encounters: TheWonder of the New